Nisaa provides counselling through three mediums face-to-face being the most prominent, but telephonic and e-mail counselling services are also used. We thus reach a wider spectrum of people.

We are able to provide these services to women and their children for free.

Some of the additional assistance offered to clients are highlighted below:

  • Assistance in acquiring legal aid whereby Nisaa can refer clients for legal assistance in custody battles, divorce and other issues;
  • Assistance in the application of protection and maintenance;
  • Assistance in obtaining Identity Documents and birth certificates from the Department of Home Affairs, most especially when certain requests by the Department cannot be met (for instance proof of place of birth);
  • Nisaa works closely with the Department of Social Development in the application of grants for our clients;
  • Nisaa advocates to the Department of Housing for our clients to be first priority for getting a house or temporary accomodation.


Some of Nisaa’s clients have expressed their appreciation to the Organisation. Two client comments can be found below:

“…My heart was so full of problems that I couldn’t talk…but in coming to Nisaa I got such comfort that I felt I could talk, and I started to feel like a person, a human being…”


“I changed from feeling hopeless to having hope….”


(Client comments extracted from External Evaluation of Nisaa in July 2005).