Nisaa provides counselling through three mediums face-to-face being the most prominent, but telephonic and e-mail counselling services are also used. We thus reach a wider spectrum of people. We are able to provide these services to women and their children for free.

Awareness and Advocacy

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One of our ongoing training programmes at Nisaa is the Basic Counselling Course. The course runs for 12 weeks with one session per week. To accommodate participant requests, we have adjusted to course to be held over six days with two sessions per day.


Basadi Pele

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Letting our Power Glow - Activities to build women's Power

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women. The purpose of this resource book Letting Our Power Glow is to enable and afford shelter residents the opportunity to grow emotionally and psychologically while simultaneously living in an environment safe from intimate partner violence so that the shelter residents are able to plan and prepare themselves for their lives after the shelter experience. The exercises in the manual are also aimed at inspiring women to develop a greater understanding of themselves through introspection and thereby creating a more profound process of change.

Download the eBook here: LettingOurPowerGlow_PDF-for-web.pdf (376 downloads)
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