Nisaa provides counselling through three mediums face-to-face being the most prominent, but telephonic and e-mail counselling services are also used. We thus reach a wider spectrum of people.We are able to provide these services to women and their children for free.

Basadi Pele

Basadi Pele” Brightening Women’s Lives, Empowering Communities is an income generation project for women in the communities. All our beaded jewelery is hand made by our women at #BasadiPele project who are survivors of domestic violence.
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Tshireletsong Shelter

Tshireletsong Shelter - A place of safety or a shelter


Nisaa provides a number of basic and advanced level training services including self-esteem workshops, youth development programs, advisory training and train the trainer courses. Read More

Public Awareness

The Consent is Sexy! Campaign is a campaign with a vital message around the importance of consensual sex, respect and open communication. This campaign consists of three public service announcements that highlight the importance, not only of communication around sex within a relationship, but also to be aware of one’s self and one’s physiological sexual desire versus emotional readiness. Read More

Nisaa Institute For Womens Development