The Nisaa Institute for Women’s Development (henceforth referred to as Nisaa) was started by a group of committed women activists, in response to the growing problem of violence against women. The organisation was initiated at the end of 1993 and launched in April 1994, with the assistance of the Frauen Anstiftung.


Nisaa is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, opposed to all forms of oppression, exploitation and violence against women. Nisaa particularly focuses on the prevention of gender violence and the empowerment of women who have been abused at the hands of their partners.


The post-apartheid commitment to development and nation building and the African Renaissance has not, as yet provided women with the necessary resources to facilitate their empowerment. As such, many women particularly those from poorer communities – do not have adequate access to necessary resources that allow them more control over their lives. It is in this context that a core group of women came together to build an organization which is committed to community-based women’s development. As such an office was established in Lenasia, a suburb 30 kilometres south of Johannesburg. This office served as the main Nisaa outlet from 1994 to 1996. A satellite office was established in South Africa’s largest township, Soweto, in 1996 and was followed by an office in Orange Farm in February 1998 because of the demand and need for services in those areas.


Nisaa’s Vision


Enabling women and children to live in a world free of violence


Nisaa’s Mission


Nisaa promotes women’s and children’s rights through:

  • Counseling and shelter services
  • Awareness and advocacy
  • Training
  • Developing local, national, regional and international partnerships.

Leadership and Management


Board of Directors


Name of Board Member Position on the Board Background
Ms. Ann Naicker Lecturer and Consultant Chairperson
Mr Jacob Ntsholeng Segale Executive Director Deputy Chairperson
Dr Shamila Singh Snr Lecturer Treasurer
Miss Rearabetswe Mogorosi Law Student Secretary
Ms Mandy Padayachee Employed at Action Aid Member
Mrs Nkele Yvonne Education Member
Ms Mariam Mangera Total Shutdown – Activist Member
Mr Costa Sibanda Governance,Project management Member


Management Team


Name of Manager Position in the Organisation Qualification
Dr. Zubeda Dangor Executive Director PhD Psychology
Mr. Naeemullah Mohammad Finance Manager BCom
Ms. Sima Vallabh Advocacy and Research Manager BSc Honours Psychology
Ms. Jill Shaskolsky Counselling and Shelter Manager BA Honours Social Work
Ms. Masisikwane Foster Training Manager BA Honours Social Work
Ms. Fozia Dangor Administrative Manager Matric