Basadi Pele

Brightening Women’s Lives,
Empowering Communities

Visit the Basadi Pele Project showroom to view our range
of beaded jewellery at affordable prices.
Custom made Jewellery and Prayer beads can be ordered on request.
Children’s beading kits available and workshops conducted.
Team building and stress relief workshops for groups/organisations are conducted.
All the jewellery is hand made by women who have experienced abuse from a range of diverse communities.
By buying any jewellery, you are contributing to the eradication of violence against women.

“The Basadi Pele Project provides me with an income that enables me to take care of my family. The project has also given me the opportunity to learn new skills and I have regained my confidence.”

“ The Beadwork Project makes me feel that I am worth something, when I look at a piece of jewellery that I made, as I am always told that I am worthless .”

A range of beaded ribbons can be made to order for issues such as breast cancer, child abuse , or any other social issues.

Basadi Pele Bead Project : Tel: 011 854 5804/5
Fax: 011 854 5718

If you would like support Nisaa’s work, kindly donate by direct deposit to: Nisaa
For tax re-imbursements, a Section 18A certificate can be issued.
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