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20 June 2019 – despite President Cyril Ramaphosa’s pronouncements in the February 2019 State of the Nation Address (SONA) that funding would be allocated to combat Gender-Based Violence, when Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni, delivered his budget speech on 20 February 2019, there were no new allocations to combat Gender-Based Violence. In the February SONA, President Ramaphosa said that government would …

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We are those girls – Writing our stories

We Are Those Girls

While working with youth through the Date Rape Campaign, Nisaa realised that there are so many stories untold and so many voices that go unheard, especially the voices of young girls. Nisaa’s Date Rape Pro- gramme has been on going since 2002. It provides youth with valuable information on gender, sex, dating, HIV and AIDS. It also allows youth to …

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Consent is sexy campaign videos


Nisaa has developed the following videos during the “Consent is Sexy” campaign. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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The essentials of feminist counselling


Feminist counseling puts gender and power at the center of the therapeutic process. It recognizes that in order to understand a client, a counselor must consider the client’s social, political and cultural context. Feminist counseling, therefore, uses a gendered analysis to understand a woman’s experiences and issues. A feminist counselor may help a client to understand how gender, social injustice …

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Report of the First Conference of the National Shelter Movement of South Africa 2011-2012


A publication of the National Shelter Movement of South Africa Contents 1.. DAY ONE. 7 1.1            Welcome: 7 1.2            NSM-SA Conference: 7 1.3            Presentation: Overview and Achievements of the    National Shelter Movement of South Africa Conference: 11 1.4            Partnerships: 19 1.5            Keynote Address: 21 2.. DAY TWO.. 32 2.1           Presentation: The Challenges Faced by Urban Shelters: 32 2.2            Presentation: Issues …

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Editorial By Nisaa’s Dr Zubeda Dangor November 2013

259130 839 Editorial

One Saturday Morning I went to a large retail outlet in Johannesburg to purchase an appliance that was on a special promotion. There was a young man seated at a desk promoting pens. As I looked up to ask the price, I suddenly noticed the man’s t-shirt. The word ’bitch’ was imprinted on his t-shirt in bold letters. I immediately …

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Nisaa needs your help!

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Please assist Nisaa Institute for Women’s Development to raise funds. ChaiFm (101.9) will be hosting its Annual Radiothon. It’s Simple – just sms the word Nisaa and the word Radiothon to 34 519 (Smses charged at R 1.50 each) between the 24th of July and the 15th of The organisation with the most smses will benefit from the Radiothon. Kindly …

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NSM – Identifying challenges in securing government funding for women’s shelters

Conference 11

National Shelter Movement SA ← BACK Category: Inclusion of those most left out | Women and children affected by abuse/violence Identifying challenges in securing government funding for women’s shelters In South Africa, there is no national directive on the distribution of funds to shelters. Each provincial Department of Social Development is responsible for deciding how to disburse funds and if …

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